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Over the past years, one thing I have discovered is, most people are not making it in life due to their inability to leave what has passed to pass. I conducted a survey, and out of the survey I carried out through interviews, 90% of the people I interviewed were still being haunted by their past. One thing I noticed was that, the past of these people has become a greater barrier to their success.

As a relationship coach and a marriage counselor, I will be emphasizing more on relationships in this article. I have counseled a lot of people and it always shocks me that most of these people are still living in the location of the pains and agony their past left for them. I always tell people, we learn from our past. The past is a teacher to every normal human being. Whatever mistakes we made yesterday, today gives us the chance to make corrections in order to be successful tomorrow. You cannot still be living in yesterday and expect the blessings of today. Most of the time, we complain about the things happening to us but when God takes out of it and brings us to our comfort zone, we still try to bring with us what held us captive yesterday.

A similar example is in the Bible, when God through Moses brought the people of Israel out of Egypt. When the Israelites were on their way to the promised land, their minds were still at Egypt. Due to this, instead of taking forty (40) days to the promised land, it took them forty years. They were still recalling the things that occurred in Egypt and wasn't paying attention to what Moses and God were telling them.

The same thing happens in our everyday life. Some of us, God has given us true lovers but then you are still paying attention to what your exes did to you and for that matter, you aren’t enjoying your current relationship. One thing we must always take note of is that, we cannot enjoy our current relationships if we are still harboring the pains our past gave us.

I always advise young people to stop talking about their exes. Some men especially will not be comfortable if they find out your treatment towards them is as a result of what happened in your past relationship. Let it go. Letting it go means you are ready to make room for new opportunities. Do not let the hurtful words he/she told you to haunt you if that happens, when the current one tells you sweet words, it will not get a place to stay in your heart because it has already been occupied with a lot of unnecessary guests. Enjoy today and let yesterday go because life is lived in the present not in the past.

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