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When I say no more Tunisia, I am not saying you should stop going to Tunisia. Tunisia is one of the finest countries in the world.

My “Tunisia” in this context has a different definition altogether. In every marriage/relationship, there have been occasions where partners engage in an argument. Out of anger, when they go to bed, instead of facing each other directly, it turns the other way. One faces the wall with the other one facing the opposite side. In this case, you will see that their buttocks will be facing each other. Their buttocks’ facing each other is what we normally term as “Tunisia”.

In this lesson, I am not talking about when anger pops up. Some partners are making some mistakes of which I want to draw their attention to, so that they put a stop to it if they fall victim. It is very serious that, some couples do not pay attention to their partners when they get to bed. When you go to bed you shouldn’t focus on your partner only when it is time for sex. There are some mistakes you may be doing which is making your partner loose the love and trust he/she has for you.

For some partners, It is during bed time that they start to text and make calls on their phones. One thing you must take note is that, when you are with your partner, that’s not the time for friends and family affairs. You must concentrate on your partner alone. Show him/her some respect. Let him/her feel your presence. Some go to the extent of having romantic chats with a third party whiles in bed with his/her partner. Sometimes, you might think that your partner is not watching you. You left your phone on the bed to visit the washroom, he/she picked the phone to see whom you were chatting with but never mentioned it to you. Since then, the love and trust began to drop.

You should always tell them (the people you chat with) about your partner’s presence. Tell them you are with your sweetheart. This sends a signal that, you respect the person you are dating or married to. In case your partner even picks your phone to read your chat, he/she will feel important and love you more. Stop that unnecessary calls/texts in bed and always draw closer to your partner if you want a better marriage/relationship. It makes them love you more.

Some of you are digging your own graves. You visit the man that wants to marry you, and you will be busy with your phone even when it is bed time. It changes the mind of the man. Your husband is not minding you of late due to this lifestyle. Also to you our honorable Men, stop killing your women with this lifestyle. Every woman wants to sleep in your arms. Stop avoiding her and sleep closer to her. It makes her feel wonderful.

Once again, I am Auntie Odo, Your love inspector, love doctor, love mechanic.

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