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Hello Everyone, for the next few weeks, I will be taking you through a summary of the lessons thought and discussed at Odo University. This is to help open your eyes in order for you to see the essence of joining this fast-growing institution. In this episode, I will be talking about a very important discussion we had sometime ago. It came to my attention through a question asked by a member on the issue of cooking and doing house hold chores in our marital homes.

Let me give you a clear picture of the question. This was her story and question:

"Mummy, I left my ex-husband on the issue of cooking. This man always wanted to cook on his own. Anytime, I cooked, the issue was, my food wasn't sweet and I should stop cooking. He insisted he will always cook. Even if we had visitors, he will still cook and tell them I am not good at cooking. My question is, what should I do next time I meet a man like this?”

IF you are reading this article, and just incase you've been asked this question, what answer would you have given?

Now let me add a small portion of what I told her and as well as the whole school.

"I don’t see why you got offended if your husband loved to cook. You should never have gotten offended by that. What you should have done instead, is to appreciate him. One of the gates to a man’s heart is appreciation. After the appreciation, you could have praised him for the food. After praising him for the food, you could have then asked him to teach you how to cook according to his taste. You should have never felt too big to do that. I believe if you had asked him to teach you, next time, he would have trusted you to cook.

If you had tried this and it didn't work, that is when you could have sat him down and let him know how you felt about him cooking, so that things could have been fixed between you two. Not all issues need to be the cause for broken marriages. Let this advice I have given you for your past relationship, guide you on your next one.

To know more about how to deal with these kinds of issues and others. I have more in store at Odo University. Join us now for the full lesson and you will re-vitalize your marriage, Dating and Relationship life in general.

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