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It is the dream of every young man to settle down with his dream woman and to build a family. Getting a partner is a very good idea but it goes beyond that. There is more to it if you make up your mind to choose a woman as a wife or to settle down with a woman.

I will base my advice today on a request a young man sent to my inbox. “This guy who introduced himself as a graduate who is looking for a job. The young man requested that, he was looking for a wife. His preference was a nurse or a salary worker with his preferred age. The reason why he wanted a nurse or a salaried worker was for him to get financial support from the woman since he hasn't started working yet."

After reading it, my first reaction was a smile. It looked very funny to me. It wasn’t funny because this guy is looking for a woman to marry but the preferences. No serious man will be looking for a woman who will support him financially. A man who is the head of the family is responsible for every financial expectations so long as marriage and dating is concerned. Marriage is not something you should take it lightly as a man. You should be very prepared.

For the first instance, I don’t know why you should even think of getting married without a job. It is wrong. It disqualifies you. How are you going to take care of the family? Can the family look up to you when an emergency pops up? What every man should understand is that, your wife is not responsible for any financial duty. She can choose to support but you shouldn't look up to her. That's why you need to find something tangible and profitable to do before you think of taking a woman to the altar.

How can you think of marriage if you don't even have a good place to stay? Where will the woman sleep if she comes? What about if children come into the marriage? I will never advise any lady to marry a man who is not working, does not have a good place to stay. How secured will this marriage be? You need to plan well and work on yourself. Achieve something before thinking of marriage, because marriage is not a one-day job. When you prepare well before getting into marriage, your marriage life will be a heaven on earth. Don’t go and worry any woman when you don’t have even a bed to sleep on. If you do that, you do yourself more harm than good. You will disturb yourself and the woman in question.

Finally, what I will tell young ladies is, don't go and pressure any man who is not ready for marriage to come and marry you. Don't take responsibility for any finances because you cannot do that to the end. Many young ladies think they are doing well by currently feeding their boyfriends. The question you need to ask yourself is, can you do that for the next five (5) to ten (10) years when things are still the same?

My young men, man up! Marriage will not go anywhere. Women are not going anywhere. Don't let society or any woman push you to do something (marriage) you are not ready for. Take your time and do it well. There is a saying that, “IF IT MUST BE DONE, IT MUST BE DONE WELL”.



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