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Most often there are some mistakes we make in our relationships to which we do not pay much attention. This has resulted in a lot of heartbreaks in the society. People often enter and stay in a relationship without paying attention to how the partner relates. Every relationship consists of two people and therefore, if there should be an involvement, the two are expected to show up. It shouldn’t be only one party always showing commitment.

One of the greatest mistakes is one overlooking the involvement of the other. Do not force yourself on someone. I repeat, do not force yourself on anyone. If the person does not show any sign of love, avoid the person. The earlier the better. Avoid people who do not love you. Love they say goes where love is, so if the person you are loving isn’t loving you back, forget about that love. Forgetting about that love does you a great favor. Let him/her go if he/she isn’t showing any commitment. You must enjoy love in your relationship. Stop going in for love which is not accepting you. If you do that, you do yourself more harm than good.

I don’t know why you will be thinking about a person who doesn’t think about you. Sometimes, some people vividly know the people they are thinking about do not have them in their minds but will still take the risk. If you do that, you are putting your life in great danger. Someone is out there waiting for you. Wake up and go out from that relationship. Thinking about a person who does not think about you is like waiting for an airplane at a lorry station. You are wasting your time. Time is money. Stop wasting it on people who don't value you.

Let the person go if she/he is not serious with you. Letting the person go opens a new door of love for you. Someone wants to get serious with you but because your attention is somewhere, you are not seeing it. Open your eyes. Love is sweet when you are with the right person. It becomes hell when you are at the wrong place. Stop forcing relationships that are not flowing. There should be a natural flow of love between the two but if it doesn't go that way, advise yourself and move on.

You think no one will love you if you go out from it? Worry no more. You can join Odo University now. You will be taken through a lot of lessons that will re-energize you to acquire yourself, true love. You can as well as get your choice of partner who has been groomed and is ready for relationship in the institution. Grab this chance for your new love and stop wasting your emotion on the wrong people.




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