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I have given a lot of definitions to love in my previous blogs and videos.

Today, I will be talking about love in a package form. Love is a package.

Let me use a simple illustration for you to understand. I will be comparing love to a human being. A human being is also a whole package. The reason why I am saying this is because, The human body consists of many parts, and without a single one of them, the whole body cannot function properly. You cannot say, you don’t want your leg and cut it off. If you do so, there will be a complication.

The same applies to love. If you love someone, it comes in a package. If you love someone, you must love everything about the person. The first time you propose to someone, you should be ready to accept everything about the person. The same applies to the person accepting the proposal, as soon as you accept someone’s proposal; you should be ready to accept everything about the person. There is a saying that, “if you love me, love everything about me”. There shouldn’t be any situation where you will use the word ‘BUT” in between love. That word doesn’t exist when it comes to issues of love. One will say, “I LOVE HER BUT SHE HAS A CHILD”. If she has a child, so what? You should love her and the child because the child doesn’t change the personality of the individual. There is nothing like partial love, but love as a whole. It is a package.

Some people also talk about tribes. As soon as they find out the tribe of the person they claim they love, they start giving excuses. Again, the tribe doesn’t change the personality of the individual. Love doesn’t make excuses. If you love someone, nothing should be a barrier. Love the whole package of the person. The package here consists of everything about the person.

There have been situations, where the family of one’s partner visits their son/daughter in their marital home and the other finds it difficult to co-operate. Some of them even don’t want to see them at all. Some base their reason on language barrier. Just because he/she doesn’t understand the language, he/she starts to reject the family. You cannot confess your love to someone and reject the family of the person. The family is part of the package.

In all, love is a package. If you love someone, you shouldn’t be selective of the things about the person. You must be ready to take it all. You should accept everything about the person or else forget about the person and move on, you are not in love.

3y3 Odo Nkoaa!!!!!!

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