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Every relationship should have a goal. The goal is not having fun or flirting around. The goal of every relationship should be marriage. I always tell people to have the mind of getting married before entering marriage. If the vision is not marriage, there is no need to enter the relationship. You must therefore be vigilant when you are in a relationship with someone who doesn't have you in mind when it comes to marriage. In this article, I will be opening your eyes with four tips that show your partner have in you in mind when it comes to marriage. Below are the four tips:

PLAN THE FUTURE WITH YOU. If a person (a man/woman) loves you and wants you as husband/wife, the person plans the future with you. Anyone who is not interested in discussing what the future holds for you both doesn't want a future and for that matter, you need to be extra careful. At least, you guys just sit down from time to time to discuss the way forward. Talk about the marriage and how you want things to go after getting married. If they don’t show any interest in talking about the future and the marriage, advise yourself.

The second tip I want you to know is “CHOICE”. One important question you need to ask yourself is “AM I THE ONLY CHOICE?” A lot of men have several women around and don't know which of these ladies to choose. If you are with this kind of man, you should know if you are his choice or not. The same applies to women. A lot of men come their way and due to this, they misbehave towards that man who wants to tie the knot with them. When it happens like this, you should do a thorough investigation to know if you are his/her choice either than that, you might be wasting your time. One thing you must know is, if you are the choice of someone, he/she treats you special and always want to spend quality time with you.

Thirdly, COMMUNICATION AND CARING: I always advise people to take communication is very serious when it comes to relationships or marriage. Most people make excuses with their job and other schedules but it is neither here nor there. If someone truly loves you, he/she makes time for you. The person always wants to hear from you. They cannot live without hearing from you. You cannot tell me your lover feels comfortable by not calling or hearing from you and insist he/she loves you. There is no caring without communication. If the person cares about you, he/she want to find out from time to time, how you are fairing. This is one of the greatest tips that should tell you if you are the one or not.

The last tip I will leave you with is “HIDING YOU FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS”. No man/woman wants to marry you who will hide you from his/her family and friends. If a person loves you, they will never hide you. They always want their people to see you. You cannot be with someone for a long period and he/she denies introducing you to his/her family. Know your stand if you observe these things either favoring you or not.

Stop wasting your time in a place you are not welcomed. Live is more precious than that. Date with the mentality of getting married. If you know you cannot marry the person, stop wasting their time.


3Y3 ODO NKOAAA!!!!!!

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