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For today, I will be talking to you about a lady who got infected with an ailment by her boyfriend.

Her story was, she contracted HIV from his boyfriend. Her boyfriend left her when the effect of the illness became worse. She was left with nothing but a broken heart and depression. God being so good, as she kept visiting the hospital from time to time for medication, she started gaining strength. During these visitations to the hospital, she met another man who also had HIV. They fell in love and started dating. The man was very kind and caring.

Out of nowhere, her ex-boyfriend started calling and begging her. He even started sending her money to support her. She tried several times to stop him from calling but to no avail. Per her submission, these constant contacts from her ex influenced her to start falling in love with him again and on the other hand, losing the love she has for her current boyfriend. She was confused and needed advice.

This is the advice I gave her: "one thing we need to know is, anyone who leaves us on the verge of we dying doesn't qualify or worth our love. How can someone who claims he loves you leave you at a point where you need him most. and come back again now that things has started going well and beg you to accept him back? It is neither here nor there.

If someone truly loves you, nothing and I repeat nothing should be a cause for him to reject you and run especially when he is the cause of your troubles. Assuming you died; would he have gone to your grave to beg you?. Why should you even try to forget about someone who came in when no was and give in to someone who left when you needed him most? Good people are hard to find, do not down play on the love your current lover has for you.

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