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Are you confused about your single life? Do you sometimes wonder whether someone will love you or not? Have you been praying about marriage for a long time in order to meet your life partner but to no avail? Do you feel bad sometimes not getting a beloved? Dear reader, never be confused. Stop worrying! The right time will surely come and you will testify to it. There is a vacuum in every man’s life that needs to be filled by a woman or a partner to become complete. In Genesis 2:22-23: “Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and brought her to the man.” “The man said “This is now the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she will be called Woman, for she was taken out of man.”

The scripture above specifically reveals that, every man is connected to a woman right from the creation of God. So rest assured with prayers and trust that, your future wife or husband will appear or be found one day. Sit down, relax and wait patiently for the right person.

As a young lady, dressing decently should be your hallmark because, responsible men don’t get attracted to ladies with indecent dressing. Dresses that exposes the attractive parts of the body. I am not talking about buying expensive clothes and shoes. Try to manage your old clothes and keep them neatly. Do not follow fashion by wearing certain kinds of dresses that are very expensive and indecent, all in the name of fashion. Be simple and neat, look good and presentable and work on your attitude to become a true virtuous woman. Every man needs a woman with good deeds and positive temperaments. Remember, men also look out for hardworking ladies as well.

As a woman, know the basics of cooking and desire to learn how to cook variety of dishes. This is because the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. After working on yourself very well, you will begin to get attracted to good men and eventually, you will get to meet MR. RIGHT. When you meet the right man, you will experience peace automatically.

As a young man, you need to work hard and be good looking. Avoid shabby dressing and dress decently. Learn how to approach single ladies politely and know what you want as a man. In life, we all do experience disappointments one way or the other. As a young man or woman, if you have experienced disappointments in your previous relationship, it doesn’t mean your next relationship wouldn’t work. Carry a positive mental attitude and do not entertain fear in your next relationship.

One day, when you meet the right person, you will be very happy and live peacefully. Every woman was created with the rib of a particular man. And until you meet that man, you may think no man loves you.

One day, a young lady told me her libido is not working. I laughed and told her that her libido is still in there but it only works when you get attracted sexually to the right man. A car without a battery can never move. In other words, your libido can only work when you are sparked sexually by a man you love. You need the right man to spark you up before you can know that your libido is working. When you meet the right person, wherever your libido is, he will surely bring it down.

According to Genesis 2:23, when the man saw the woman, he said: “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh”. The scripture applies to us in the same way, when you meet the right person, you will be attracted to each other and begin to flow naturally with the person. Just keep on praying and trusting in God. Work on yourself and rest assured that, you will surely meet Mr. Right or Mrs. Right one day.




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