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The 3 powerful Do's and Don'ts in every relationship by Auntie Odo

Updated: May 14, 2020

There are some things that makes or breaks relationships. Today, I want to share with you some tips to take note of in your relationship.

1. Do not pick up your partners phone. I will advice you never to pick up your partner’s phone when it rings with the intent of investigating who might be calling. This action has jeopardized many relationships. Your partner has his/her private life and moreover not everyone who calls your partner necessarily signals an alert for an extra marital

or relationship affair. You must avert from such act if you want to save your marriage/relationship.

* Just in case you even pick your partner’s phone, do not fight the caller (the woman/man calling) because you have no idea why the person might be calling. Talk politely always. Have time for the person. Let the caller know the where about of him/her. The way you talk to the person sends a signal as to the kind of individual you are. When you talk politely to the person, it makes him/her know you are civilized and t

rained and for that matter, even if he/she has something doing with your husband, he/she might repent.

* Whenever an issue pops up in your relationship or he/she offends you, do not take it as an opportunity for not either cooking/denying him/her your company. Always make your husband’s food your priority no matter what as well as the happiness of your wife. As the old saying goes: happy wife, happy life and as well one of the ways to a man’s heart is through their stomach.

*Note also that, it is never wise to use misunderstandings as a base for denial of intimacy. Intimacy denial poses risks at all fronts in relationships. Denying your partner intimacy is a perfect and fertile ground for sowing the seeds of promiscuous in a relationship. One of the things you can do: for example as a woman is to apply the power of your feminine looks and one of the best times to do this is when you are working on rekindling your love flame after a misunderstanding. For instance; dress romantically, send him romantic text messages, invite him to bed, and tell him you need him that night. Woman? Invite the game (sex). Doing this will make him think and re think about you to create a positive outcome. Your relationship as a man/woman is in your hands. To make or unmake it depends on how you resolve the problems that arises in it. REMEMBER, LOVE IS THE ULTIMATE GOAL.

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