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I made a research and found out that, as of 2013, the population of Ghana was twenty-eight (28) million. Out of this number, eighty-eight percent (88%) were Christians and Muslims. This eighty-eight percent (88%) represents twenty-four (24) million of the total population. These people are always present at the places they worship. However, when problems arise in their marriages/relationships, they are unable to resolve them. The women are very lazy when it comes to resolving problems in their marriages. All that they do is quickly go and report their marriage problems to their pastors.

I am not saying we shouldn’t consult pastors but there are some things, we can attend to when we leave pastors out of it. That’s why the good book of the Lord says in  Genesis 2:24(NIV) that a man leaves his father and mother and is united with his wife and they become one flesh.   This signifies that, after getting married, you become one and must do everything together and on your own. Why pastors come into our marriages is due to laziness. We are too lazy to solve issues but are always in rush to report to pastors. A woman will fight her husband, call him names, attack him and so forth but this woman will go and bend down before her pastor. Not knowing that if she respects her husband the same way she respects her pastor, she will win the heart of her husband. You cannot disrespect your husband and go and respect your pastor.

This is why most pastors are spending your monies but don’t teach you the right things to do. What they are quick to do is to give you directions which is neither here nor there.                      Let me give you two powerful tips to deal with this issue.  First of all, let me talk about PAMPERING AND PRAISE. Yes!!, to win your husband, it is not attacking! Make sure you praise him! Pamper him! Everyone calms down when he/she is praised and pampered. Find a suitable way of pampering him and praising him. Through that, you will get the keys to his heart and he will listen to you. But if you start attacking him, it will never be pleasant for him talking or listening to you. The same things you go and do before your pastors, practice them at home and your marital matters will never cross boundaries.                       The last tip I will give you is PATIENCE! Patience is an ultimate goal. When issues arise, give yourself some time, Relax! Don’t approach the problem at once but take your time. Calm yourself down and approach the problem on time. Do not be too quick to go see your pastor. If we take our time and work towards ourselves in the marriage, always the goal of the marriage will be achieved. Women who are always patient enjoy their marriages in the latter days. Once again, my name Auntie Odo. Love Doctor! Love Inspector! Love Teacher!  I have counseled numerous marriages and relationships. For more of these studies, join my online school, ODO UNIVERSITY and your marriages and relationships will never be the same. If you want to Join Click this link:

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